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Coalition airstrikes kill 6 ISIS near Tigris: Peshmerga

By Rudaw 6/10/2018
Coalition airstrikes kill 6 ISIS near Tigris: Peshmerga
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The international coalition against ISIS killed six ISIS militants in airstrikes on the group near the Tigris River on Saturday, a Peshmerga commander confirmed. 

“Coalition planes on Saturday bombed ISIS militants south of the village of Kushaf near the Tigris River. Six militants have been killed in the airstrike,” Maj. Gen. Sirwan Barzani told Rudaw. He is commander of the Peshmerga’s Gwer-Makhmour front. 

ISIS was declared defeated in Iraq in December 2017 but remnants and sleeper cells of the terror group remain a serious security threat in the country. 

Bombs killed one person and wounded 16 in Iraq on Saturday, police reported, according to AP.

There were two separate incidents. A parked car exploded in Fallujah, wounding two security men and three civilians. 

The second incident occurred in Beiji, Saladin province, where a roadside bomb killed on employee of an oil refinery and wounded 11 others in a bus.

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