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Fuad Hussein urges Kurdish unity in first remarks since failed presidential bid

By Rudaw 5/10/2018
Fuad Hussein, a native of Khanaqin, was the KDP's choice for the Iraqi presidency. Photo: KDP
Fuad Hussein, a native of Khanaqin, was the KDP's choice for the Iraqi presidency. Photo: KDP

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Fuad Hussein, the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) failed choice for the Iraqi presidency, thanked his supporters and called for Kurdistani parties to preserve their unity.


“We were very happy when my respectful brother Nechirvan Barzani and respectful Bafel Talabani reached an agreement to present one candidate to the Iraqi Council of Representatives. That agreement had been reached two hours prior to the Iraqi parliament’s session,” Fuad Hussein wrote in a letter on Thursday.


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) claims there was no official agreement with the KDP in the hours before Barham Salih was elected as Iraqi president on Tuesday. The KDP claims there was an agreement and it was violated by the PUK.


Hussein, not currently a member of either party, said he was surprised that Salih hadn’t withdrawn his candidacy and had entered into alliances with Iraqi politicians whom were “ignoring the agreed mechanism and didn’t keep their promise.”

Hussein thanked KDP President Masoud Barzani, its party’s negotiators and advocates, foreign backers, different Iraqi groups, Kurdish and Iraqi journalists, and media outlets.


“Here, we reiterate that our work in the long-lasting struggle has always been for the sake of the unity of Kurdistani parties,” added Hussein.


It was the first public comment by Hussein after the events on Wednesday in Baghdad.


“That is why, from this standpoint, all have the obligation to preserve the unity of Kurdistan’s people,” Hussein asserted.


After Salih’s ascension, he tasked Shiite politician Adil Abdul-Mahdi with forming the next government within the constitutional timeline 30 days.


Gunda Maye | 5/10/2018
What a charismatic person he is, I can see why KDP appointed him the presidency of Iraq on behalf of KDP! With all the betrayal puk has done, especially Bafal I don’t see why you would reach out to them anymore! As I mentioned previously it’s time for the kurdistani region to no longer except puk as a political party in Kurdistan. they seem to do what’s in there interest as well as Iraq and Iran interest! They need to be removed from Kurdistan as a political party time and time again they have betrayed the Kurdish brother hood, from jala the jahsh down to his son and wife they have divided the Kurdistan region from becoming one! Puk high ranking Kosrat has also lost respect in last few days saying there was no agreement knowing good and well there was one in place! Again puk has proved time and time again they are traitors to the Kurdish region! 🖕🏼puk and all its supporters if your still blinded by these facts then 🖕🏼you too!
Hiwa | 5/10/2018
Wait let me yawn a bit . I’m not sure anyone really cares. Barham is President . Let’s move on and act like adults .
| 6/10/2018
when will KDP and its rulers get it into their thick skulls that Talabani want what they have and to oust them out of Erbil and to have full control of the region, that is the Talabany/Ibrahim Ahmed's legacy left to his daughters and to his grandsons. NEVER BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY, THEY HAVE A DEEP HATE FOR BARZANI
Zero | 8/10/2018
This is not about praising people or letting them send signals into the suppressed kurdish nation and it’s people. But this is about finding a way of establishing highways towards an kurdish nation that can protect coordinate and give its own people an identity, it’s people are still playing unintentionally the dirty games of the enemies against their own kind. That’s by far the biggest problem.
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Mamozin | 10/16/2018 5:39:29 AM
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Kdp sold kirkuk
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