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A journey to Somaliland: Africa's self-made country

By Ayub Nuri 14/5/2017

Somaliland declared independence from Somalia on May 18, 1991. It had been part of Somalia for 31 years and after decades of suffering and massacre at the hands of the central government of Somalia, says the foreign minister, they decided they had enough and embarked on a struggle for independence.

The Republic of Somaliland is not formally recognized by the United Nations or any country in the world, though they maintain good relations with a number of countries, especially neighboring Ethiopia, Djibouti and the United Arab Emirates.

Unlike Somalia, Somaliland is peaceful and stable and a functioning government is in charge. The country has an elected parliament and president.

The economy of this Muslim country's economy largely relies on its millions of livestock, but they are vulnerable to drought. In the past year alone millions of sheep and goat have died from the drought and their owners forced to move from the countryside to the bigger cities.

Some foreign aid agencies have stepped in to help, but the Somaliland government wants to help the country and for that it needs international recognition which will enable them to sign trade deals, borrow money and engage in diplomacy on a global scale.


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Kurdistan | 14/5/2017
there is no such as somalia or somali land, this land is called Ethopia.
So many trolls | 15/5/2017
Stinky turkish and Iraian trolls always use "kurd" or "kurdistan" as their nickname when they comment
US Air Force Officer | 15/5/2017
I'm going to send a petition to my President and my Congressman to make sure this possible ally becomes a country.
Will | 15/5/2017
Somaliland is a shining bastion of stability within an otherwise chaotic, lawless region. I’m inspired by the determination of Somalilanders to maintain rule of law, representative government, and security, all of which enable their better life. Somalilanders have thus far successfully dissociated and defended themselves from militant aggression. Who can blame them for rejecting any association with the destabilized, chaotic and conflict-ridden greater Somalia? People of the US, AU, EU and UN: educate yourselves on Somaliland, and recognize it as a legitimate nation-state.
Lander | 15/5/2017
Clearly so called Kurdistan is nothing but anti-Kurdish troll. As a Somali from Somaliland, I send my greetings to the Kurdish people who were betrayed by Arabs, Persians and Turks despite freeing these people before the rise of Britain. Kurds are very intelligent and progressive people that we Muslims need. The British knew if they had weakened them and divided them by rewarding the stateless Arab agents, the great Kurdistan will decline. That meant no more Salah-el-diin and the likes. I personally respect the Persians and Turks too even though in recent decades Turks became obsessed with EU more than believing in themselves. The great Persia however remains free and defiant. That we have to respect.
Tags : Somaliland

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Kosrat Rasul certainly knows and is very well aware of the unfortunate and shameful fact that the “bouquet of flowers” that Hero Ahmed is talking...
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